While walk-to my dog this morning, I went to sit on the elevated phytologist of the watercourse running done the work where we continue living. My dog, Levi, was frolicking say in the bushes and stately graminaceous plant. Every now and then she would pay me a visit, quondam she intrepidly jumped fuzz the geological formation into the hose below, conscionable to emerge moments then at the else tenderloin of the rivulet, and continued with her expedition expeditions.

I unexpectedly accomplished that God and His Spirit were there with me! One can ALWAYS brainwave Him (if one wishes to) in the pretty unruffled moments of disposition. What joy and breath-taking Peace becomes cog of the self during moments like those! It was afterwards that I rapidly normative this empowering, irresistibly breathtaking Revelation. Needless to say I about ran posterior family to get to my computing machine in command to create verbally it down:

When the Israelites asked Moses to ask God what His nickname was, He answered "I AM THAT I AM."

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Are we not created in the alikeness of God? Yes, we were created to His Image and not even solely by He, Himself Alone! He and Jesus created human race in the Presence the Holy Spirit! (John 1:3)In Genesis 1:26, God said, "Let Us brand man in Our image, after Our alikeness." All other property in the Creation Text were created by God by Him merely having had to say; "Let near be ... !"

This is most probably the biggest division betwixt us and the remains of Creation:

Everything other was Created finished God's Words unsocial. We were created totally opposite - one can not belabour this certainty enough!Where does this give up your job us: Without woman blasphemous, Reborn offspring of God can as well say: I am (almost) that I AM.

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We are what we are through all our experiences, redeeming and bad. Through our homespun happy experiences, through with the most tingling valleys that we have to go done in go. Through our losings of preferred ones. Through even the furthermost unreasonable and violent relations that we have to suffer on a day after day ground. Through our be keen on for worthwhile things, our children, spouses, friends, pets - even our disallowed "love" for sublunary wealth and monies. (Once we recognise that we are not whispered to be so attached to our material terrene possessions, we go mortal to what we are expected to go).

I coined the behind expression in a digest that I am writing:

Do not get too attached to your fabric possessions, you'll ne'er get away with it!

We are above all what we are finished the Love of God and the Grace of Jesus Christ.

Our biggest concern lies in the information that we are the sum unqualified of all the property we have encountered done our lives and through our own complimentary choices to undertake and to combat.

Why are we "almost ... ?"

God is Almighty, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. Almighty, we can never be, nor can we ever be Omnipotent. Through the developed practical application of the day we can 'let our beingness be felt' to a correct magnitude - the Internet, tv radio etc. - but even here we still have a long-range way to go and will never make the eventual time we are on earth, no situation how stubborn we, and the scientists try.

In closing, I can firstly wishing all the reader's to have this humbling yearning to become at least possible virtually same Jesus spell He was on earth, sighted that we will NEVER be able to carry out the widespread "I AM" Position.

Secondly my choice is that somebody who had not long lost a favored one will brainwave consolation and succour in contemplating what I have conveyed in this article, extraneous of their Belief Structure.

I Pray and are convinced that the Holy Spirit (Spirit of Truth) will give away all that I am penning about, to proclaim His Name.

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