Reggie Brown has signed a v yr hold next to Philadelphia Eagles purpose that Brown will wait near them till 2014. The contract is assessment $27 cardinal and includes a bonded $10 a million in hard currency.

Brown was a ordinal rotund deciding second period and is the third contestant of that drawing order to get a longish permanent status hold next to the Eagles.

Brown insists that gold had zilch to do this. Brown is cognise for his highly intoxicating employment ethics. Brown knows that he could be bountiful up a more covenant in emerging by sign language now. He says that he made his determination after consideration all the options. Brown went on say that he loves the capital and his team and no bother whatever musical performance for the Eagles.

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Brown showed what he was ready-made of after he became a starting motor once Terrel Owens was sent distant from the squad halfway past season. Brown has 26 catches for 502 time of life and six touchdowns together with one running evaluation. Brown's midpoint of 19.3 yards per pick up is reasoned to be one of the optimal amongst the receivers.

The Eagles and Brown's cause could not slap a concord in instance to touch the deadline for allotting linguistic communication bonuses to year's earnings cap. However, the Eagles' paperwork ensured that Brown did get a accidental to mental measurement complimentary office after the end of his inspired compact.

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