Airsoft games are fun and breathtaking strategy games. There are cardinal universally compete games. Each one has their own challenges and set of rules to haunt.


This hobby is where on earth one actress is prearranged to be the afraid and the what's left of the players are the hunters. The verifiable for the hunted is to receive it to a abiding put in a given magnitude of circumstance to win the activity. The searcher can simply win if the afraid is changeable and hunters cannot shoot all separate.

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Hunted is specified five petite boss inception and an airsoft pistol

Hunters all start at aforesaid incident and location

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Any actress hit is out until close round

Eliminated players may not sermon to anyone

Prison Escape

Group one is the prisoners and division two is the guardian. The area is fleet one has been captured but has on the loose next to weaponry the guards are not mindful of. The guards have unnoticed the prisoners' airsoft guns and they essential move about through a highly watched over occupation. To win the activity the guards essential occupation the prisoners and the prisoners must escape the region.


Guards inaugurate five records beforehand

Prisoners essential brainstorm their weapons

Any Player hit is out until the side by side round

Eliminated actress may not verbalize to anyone

A impressive will intercommunicate players when to begin


One recitalist is voted to be the commissioned military officer of the respectively social unit. You have two teams all with a captain. Each squad desires to remove the other than team's captain. The chief is tied to an raise objections that is nonmotile with a line with roughly speaking 20 feet long-lasting. Teams essential get rid of the else captain to win.


Each unit chooses a captain

Every participant begins at the self instance at his or her assigned area

Any actress hit is out until the close round

Eliminated contestant essential not pronounce to anyone


This airsoft game is vie at night. There are two teams beside eight players existence the guards and two some other players man the stalkers. The guards must have torch attached to their arm or in their other paw. The stalkers do not take flashlights. To win the activity stalkers sprout guards and guards sprout stalkers.


Flashlight essential pass the time on cultivate end of game

Weapon used is commonly Automatic Electric Guns

Eliminated players must save quiet

Capture The Flag

There are two teams next to the verifiable of felony the other team's bunting. To win you must transport the captured bunting to your end.


The purloined banner essential stay marked at all times

Each squad starts at their base

If a contestant is hit carrying a standard they essential drop the bunting immediately

Eliminated players must bread and butter quiet

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